Monday, March 9, 2015

Untitled 3

A memory is more powerful than existence, it transcends such mortal things. That which results from a connection is much greater than the connection itself.

I would not be where I am today if connections had not been made, pulled me further, and then broken. I am me because death exists, connections are broken, and my heart's handles are free.

Anchored by the memory of what once was, I am subject to the will of the winds. Wherever connections are made, I will travel. When they are broken, I will be pulled in yet another direction.

Each and every connection that is formed yields a wave, beating on ceaselessly into the past. Having contributed a verse, the cause claimed; eventually forgotten.

The beauty is that loss yields room for gain. Another stirs; memories conceived.

Life's play will go on.

Untitled 2

And so the day came;
my heart and all his desires made clear.
Beating on, ceaselessly into my soul.
One day experience will ablate the hole.

None but a memory,
vapor in the wind.
Wisp that wanders,
a path leading here.

What does one want to do with his life?
-the quandary to take it all
Ceaseless tyrant
-answer sought
Arise, the solution?
-but naught.
Today ponders past,
-paths of life.
A crossroads apparent
-the gift of sight.
My heart before me,
passion set alight.
-A journey's beginning
-ends the fight?

The thought apparent,
yet means out of  sight
-another quandary;
tomorrow's day,
-another fight.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Dedication: The Truth and Reason Behind this Blog

Jordan S. Morse,

The week your body left us, I was given a gift. Emotions became a wildfire and I had no idea what to do. Sitting in Mrs. Hall's English class sometime during the week of October 5th, 2008, I began to write. That first week was the worst. I felt forced to delve into the word-wrought world of Shakespeare. Even though we weren't so close, there was a connection between us. Maybe it was that we had something or common...but it is more likely that you never failed to laugh at my terrible jokes. Maybe it is how you carried yourself every single day.

I made a lot of noise in grade school, the kind that drew attention to myself. When you do that, people start to rip you apart. I got dragged down. People would make fun of me, or so I thought, and I would deal with it by lashing out. Then, there was you. Jordan, you never let people bring you down. Whenever something went awry, you found a reason to smile. Life was never easy for you, but it looked so sweet...even though a lot of us knew what was going on.

One of my fondest memories of you comes back to my mind at least once a week--whenever I eat a salad. You were trying to change your lifestyle in high school, so you would eat a salad every day for lunch. We did that together. Albeit, the salads were probably 60% ranch dressing (or whatever other kind was available) and the rest was croutons, cheese, and ham, with a few leaves scattered here and there. I just remember those 45 minutes of most every day freshman year of high school to be filled with joy.

We were all sitting in the gym the day that Dan told us you were in the hospital. I remember that pretty clearly. I can see myself sitting there thinking about how you would pull through, and how we would be back eating salads at lunch soon enough. But that never came. A little while later--Sunday October 6th, 2008 actually--I was wasting time on Facebook when I noticed Matt Stone's status, then I saw a few of your other best friend's first I thought it was some kind of a joke, but then Monday morning came and Dr. Hackett told us that you were gone. I cried in school that day.

The rest of the week, was a blur, with the exception of the day I started writing. I had a lot of pent up emotions, and your death gave me so many more that I could not contain them anymore. Thankfully, I was able to find an overwhelmingly positive outlet. Writing both poetry and prose has served as a way for me to wrestle with emotions, to twist even the most nasty feelings into something beautiful.

So, without further ado, Jordan S. Morse, to you, I dedicate all of the poetry that I have written.

Here is the one that started it all, a pastiche on EE Cummings' if strangers meet, it's about you:


where people fall
hearses roll
not happy not sad
(Just there)
awake neither
nor asleep
(only missing)
me not not him
not conceivable
only longing
-lonely, once
after dusk (those
lives too short everyone's
departed) gone:

(but not in a light)
Thank you Jordan S. Morse, for all of the inspiration that you have provided in your life and death.

Forever grateful,


Friday, September 12, 2014

A Piece of Prose

William Shakespeare has held no physical relevance to life in nearly four centuries. He has, however, touched many hearts over the course of the past 400 years. Unfortunately, mine is not one of them. My cells were first exposed to the virulent words of William Shakespeare in high school at the tail-end of first semester sophomore year. As most tail-ends, my introduction to Shakespeare involved an utterly feculent affair.
Starting from no less than a pound of flesh, I got my first taste of Shakespeare in the form of a twisted tale entitled: The Merchant of Venice. The Bard of Avon was unable to find a fortuitous foothold in my freshly facetted encephalon. If but one drop of blood had been spilt on a single page, I would have caught the Shakespearian plague.  My adventures with The Merchant of Venice are but a dying twinkle in my memories, a stellar collection, but one thing I can remember: the play granted a certain quality of mercy, by which I was saved.
            The Merchant of Venice is hardly Shakespeare’s most potent form of infectious verse; Macbeth on the other hand—one of history’s darkest tragedies—would nearly cause me to lose my head. Lines of “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,” running in circles ad nauseam, beginning to accept Shakespearian tongue. My defenses down, I stumbled into a deep dark battle with the daunting dreams of Duncan’s demise. I stood to resist chronic infection, Macbeth ripped into my conscience late. Now scared to manipulate fate, the bard formed a deep connection.
            The final encounter with this Shakespearian fellow featured a Moore called, Othello. I was pulled in even further than before when Roderigo claims death is a physician. Infected once more, my defenses were struck with newfound force. Refusal to participate in class discussion, time was spent writing words for musicians. Lyrics would flow; poetry came as breath to my lungs. Seemingly lost in my poetic world I listened to every single poisonous line. My attention averted, mind alight; every encounter with Shakespeare yielded a well versed essay—I heard enough to write.
As I mentioned from the very beginning, my experience with Shakespeare was indeed a feculent affair. I say such things to be fair, seeing no importance in reading classics, I did not care. On that note, I must address the most pertinent of questions: just how was it that I resisted infection, if the bard was capable of forming multiple connections? Listening and hearing are not the same word. To listen requires action, but the distracted mind hears verse without intention. And now a confession: to this day, I regret to admit that I did not read a single page.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A face in the back of my painted mind,
Tickles this heart from head to toe.
Brought to light—a brand new day.
A perfect mold,
cast plastic.
Time and time it rolled,
dream filled story—
over told.

Weary eyed traveler,
seeking an unknown goal.
Key to his soul,
never bought, crafted, or sold.

A simple remedy:
-the face beloved— fine art,
 worth seeing.

Tunnel shapen passage,
 direct line to his being.

The painted lady—builder—
the, the keeper of my heart.

Thought Set Free

All alone,
an empty room,
a gift to my imagination.

Breaking free,
the thoughtless chains fall,
as each link strikes the ground,
I am reminded :

Life began and my head was clear,
I was not bound by the burden
the burden of yesteryear.

A promise to myself,
kept in secret protection,
to avert thoughts of misdirection.

That which lies dormant,
until the cold is melted away.

Come spring,
come alive,
I will stretch my wings,
ready to fly

Thoughts set free,
another place to run,
only me

Falling Away

Sometimes being here seems so insignificant.
The man grasps his autumn ears in vain.
He cannot think straight,
or even remember his own name.

Wondering why he is so lonely,
eyes shut stone cold;
tail end of fall.

Reminiscing of the past hurts,
feeling is the same.
He falls to his knees,
crying out in excruciating pain.

There is no cure for this ailment,
his world is empty;
the heart of a man living in blissful contempt-meant.

A choice to be,
of what was man made,
break down the fa├žade?

Walls of pain,
barring entry
to memories--decades.

First snow begins to fall,
the man will continue losing it all.
His hair, his wife, and his mind;
death's call.

Monday, July 7, 2014

DUI, Economics, Civil Servants, and Corporate Welfare

The Libertarian Party released a video in 2013 of a Junior from Middle Tennessee State stopped at a DUI checkpoint. If you REALLY feel passionately about something, it is your right, nay, it is your duty to call your representatives in congress and right the issue. People commenting on this issue are blind to what is going on this country, some of them are outright fueling the problems in this country. My aim in this post is to discuss why I think it is wrong for this student to be insubordinate to the police officer, as well as to draw attention to an issue that I see to be a cause of not only economic problems, but also social problems in the United States of America. The student, as a citizen of the USA, is responsible for electing government officials, and the government officials are responsible for giving guidelines to the police force. In essence, this student could easily fix the problem he has with DUI checkpoints if he could get enough support from his peers and call a representative. I believe that a main contributor to the unwillingness to take action and call a representative is the support the US government supplies to corporations for employing needy citizens, or corporate welfare. This fuels a vicious cycle that only leads to more poverty, insubordination, lack of understanding, and under educated demographics due to the absence of parents as they try to support a family on inadequate wages.

The student is correct, he does have rights. And sure, maybe some of them were violated. However, I think trying to fight DUI checkpoints is a waste of energy and resources. There are much more pressing issues than some chump trying to defend his rights from a civil servant. Yes, some cops are bad at their jobs. Yes, sometimes rights are violated...but if you are not breaking the law, you have nothing to worry about. I do think that it is worthless to give a ticket for lacking a registration or inspection unless it has been about 10,000 miles since the last one. I also think that it is insane for a police officer to give a ticket for a tail light being out...who looks at their tail lights anyway. Maybe if it has been a week since a police officer notified you of your missing light...then it is worth ticketing. But seriously, it is not ignorant to miss something like a tail is human one thinks about a stupid tail light.

This kid...was actually breaking the law in my mind. The police, as well as the court have the ability to follow the unwritten, but assumed portion of the constitution...IE ethics and COMMON SENSE. As a citizen of the USA, he elected his officials, and he trusted his officials to employ good civil servants. Police officers have to be on the offense when they are on duty. There are too many scoundrels out there that have ABSOLUTELY no respect for the people putting their lives on the line every day for our safety. If you are not doing anything wrong, a police officer has no reason to be aggressive. If he thinks you are hiding something...not knowing what...he must protect himself before your rights. Remember, he has the right to life...a cop doesn't know whether or not you are packing heat until it is too late. A cop does not know you are drunk or sober until he actually interacts with you. If you are going to be a fanatic for your rights...then also understand the rights of the police officer. There should not have to be any sort of fear from the police officer every time he approaches a car. He should not have to worry about losing his life every time someone breaks the law. Did he break the law by simply enforcing the laws you indirectly support? He is doing the job YOU pay him to do with your tax dollars. If you do not like something he is doing...then talk to someone that can actually make a difference. No cop actually enjoys arresting someone...the paperwork in some states is horrendous.

For now, forget the actual question of whether or not the cop was in the right...was it REALLY necessary for the student to be insubordinate? If he was not breaking the law...he would have had NO problem letting the cop search the car. In fact, the cop may not have brought dogs if the student had simply rolled down his window a little bit more. The kid dug himself a hole and could have gotten himself into a lot of trouble if he had more than a few shavings of marijuana and two seeds. It would have been better if the kid had told the police officer that someone had dropped weed in his car...exercising his fifth amendment right by not incriminating himself...but also being thoroughly honest.

So what, if checkpoints are only 0.4% effective...that's 0.4% less people on the road that could take your life, the life of your spouse, or the life of one of your children. Get your head out of your self righteous bubble and think of the lives that were potentially saved by taking that one person driving drunk off the road. What if he/she had gotten into an accident with a tour bus or driven into an area with a great deal of you want him/her on or off the road? Think about it. I think the cop was doing a good job...he was protecting both his right and YOUR right to NOT GET KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER. Drunk people are often indignant...kind of like the student in the video...the cop had every right to get a little more aggressive.

Now, ask yourself the question, do you want those police officers protecting you and your family from dying at the fault of an idiot driving under the influence? Or do you want them protecting Apple, Microsoft, and Google from losing money as a result of illegal downloading, or copyright infringement? Who's life do you want your tax dollars to protect?

As a nation supposedly built for and by the people we are being oppressed by the power of large corporations. We need the police. The police are people too. They all vote, they all have opinions, some even have families. Their opinions are often not much different...if at all...than ours. Why do the police enforce the law if they do not necessarily agree with it? Principle. If the police did not follow the laws...which were intended to be for the good of the people and by the people NOT CORPORATIONS!!!!...then they would be militants roaming the streets plundering helpless citizens because they can. The way things are now, the police officer does not DIRECTLY benefit from ticketing you; in fact, every time a cop tickets you, he is putting his position as a civil servant on the line. Mind you, they are called civil servants for a reason, to serve civilians. In America, our entire judicial system has turned into an industry. Due to the insane amount of freedom we have it is easy for freedoms to be abused. Freedoms like the ability to take a neighbor to court. One should not simply sue another because they are facing financial hardship and a neighbor looked at him funny.

Things discussed in political debate have little to no positive impact on the people nowadays. Everything is for and by the corporations. We first need to take down the large corporations that corrupt the US government, lobby for personal benefits without the consent of the governed, push to remove freedoms, and marginalize the voice of the people with cold hard cash.

Our country needs to understand what we are doing by constantly adding laws upon laws. Most laws are put into place as a result of court cases gone wrong...a majority of which involve large corporations rather than REAL domestic problems in society. I honestly do not give a flying flapdoodle if a company claims people have been pirating their music, or if Apple copied the design of Samsung. Our court system was not designed to be a playground for namby-pamby corporations. The corporations will not die...the people running them will. We do not need to protect something that will not die and does not have a life...if it does not have a life, then it does not have rights. We are currently defining the existence of a being by the possession of funds...but corporations do not REALLY have any funds. The funds belong to the stockholders...WE are the stockholders. Every time a corporation that we hold stock in goes to court...we are essentially going to court. True, we are people and we do have rights...but how many of us actually made a movement in the corporation to go to court? Exactly...only a small portion of the stock holders in a corporation actually have ANY pull in decision making...Why? MONEY. Therefore, money is the only thing in our society that really makes you anything. This is pathetic and shameful. Money never came up with a good idea, money never cured cancer alone, money never delivered a baby. People, come up with good ideas. People, will work to find a cure for cancer. People, deliver babies.

This world has made money our god. Money is not a kind or forgiving is a harsh god to whom we are mere slaves. We need to push the American government to stop wasting money, stop listening to large corporations, place caps or even halt completely the ability for corporations to contribute to political campaigns, and we need to take responsibility for our actions. That means, if you wrong your neighbor...don't let it get to the point where he has to take your to court. Right the wrong and move on with reconciliation.

If you want our economy to right itself, we cannot stand by and allow corporations to abuse us any longer. Obama and the people of congress have no power compared to the strength of corporations. The Judicial branch of our government is only as strong as the words placed in the constitution...which, by the way, have recently been the result of corporate lobbying.

This video was released by the Libertarian Party...unfortunately, the party does not have everything completely straight. The basis of Libertarianism is NOT anarchy. Yes, it is liberty...IE freedoms and a free market economy...BUT, we do not have a free market economy. We have an oligopolized-faux-free-market economy paired with corporate rule fueled by lobbying. Are you familiar with corporate welfare? Of course you know about social welfare...but corporate welfare is actually a much bigger problem. We will never dig our country out of the slump we entered at the beginning of this millennium if we do not cut corporate welfare. The principle is a good one, corporations receive governmental funding in return for supporting the needy...however, as I stated before, these freedoms/privileges are all too easy to abuse. Companies will employ the needy, but they will not pay them enough to ever have any sort of social mobility. The more these companies essentially keep hiring standards at a bare minimum, the lower wages they can provide. The more needy Americans they employ, the more corporate welfare they receive. Not to mention, Wal-Mart recently admitted that a great portion of it's profits are a result of food stamps...which are attracted by low prices which are kept low by low wages and even lower hiring standards. In other words, corporate welfare supports poor business models. Poor business models do not allow for much mobility within the corporation...and thus people are stuck at entry level positions indefinitely.

American social mobility is a crime. For proclaiming so much freedom...we sure are trapped in society. The complaints made by citizens about the police are often a direct result of disrespect for authority. This comes from inadequate parenting...inadequate parenting can come from a number of different sources. One of these is...yes, you guessed it! Corporate welfare. Without receiving wages high enough to support a family, one cannot afford to work normal hours. This means, people are stuck working through time that should be spent in a family setting.  Without proper influence from one's parents, one will not trust the care of his parents, whereby the children are led to believe that authority figures are not to be trusted and police officers' jobs become more dangerous. As the job becomes more dangerous...the police are forced to use a more aggressive approach to the protection.

Basically, I am not saying that correlation implies causation...but I think that corporate welfare along with other economic issues should be the focus of our government...not simply whether or not a few people feel their rights are being violated. When a police officer asks you a question...he MUST have a reason to do so. He must have a good enough reason to put his life on the line by walking up to your car, and risking getting shot by some redneck/hooligan scumbag. So...bottom line, do not be a jerk to civil servants. If they approach you...they are likely doing it with the safety of the people in mind. Resistance is an indicator of guilt, innocent people do not run from the police. When you run from the police, the officer has the right to assume you are obstructing justice by refusing to comply. Just use your brain...yeah, you have not use them frivolously or they can be taken away by the right of someone else. Additionally, I mean to draw attention to the issue of corporate welfare and illustrate it's involvement in corruption of not only our government...but our people...that's right...US.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Turning life

Here I am,
running about a far off land.
Places to see, people to be.
Strive naught to become someone other than me.
Deception, misconception,
a world full of lies.


Take a breath,
open one's eyes.
Look up, look down,
there is nothing; you are free
What is the place from which I have come?
Broken down walls, life's begun.
Forever changing,
forever not me.
Who am I?

Searching the void,
ceaseless wind of meaning.
Turning my head, I begin to wonder:
will I ever know the purpose of being one?
Time answers, the questions, late to come,
found afar, or near this heart.

A drop,
adds a creek,
becoming a stream,
flowing into a river of life.
Brand new sights strike forgotten memories,
a hammer upon the bell marks new strife.
A warning has come, the start
new molded life.

is played
to my drowning ears.
I begin to wonder, how I got here?
Though thoughts strike a forgotten chord,
I am not that which once was.
For now I am, again,

Endless cycle,
the season song.
The dead will fall,
the air will become dry.
While all is lost, all will die.
After cold winter, spring is sprung
Where I once was, from there I have run.
There is no reason for this cycle,
not that we can really know.
Changing the seasons,
sines of time.

That which comes, will always go,
shall return anew after the snow.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More school violence?

I wonder if anti-bullying campaigns have anything to do with the amount of violence we are seeing in schools in the past ten years. Think about it...telling kids not to respond to bullies...telling kids they are bullies...disallowing kids from settling their issues on their own accord.

What if the reason that we are seeing so much EXTREME violence from such young children as of late is that they are incapable of resolving issues in a more civil manner. It is important to go through a sort of progression in life. When children are very young they will cry upon being upset. As they become toddlers, they realize that they can use force. When they get old enough to talk they start trying to use their words to get what they want...this is when teasing can start. As the interactions build up and teasing progresses, children want to retaliate (they want to revert back to using force). Maybe telling them that they cant hit a peer for seriously hurting them emotionally is actually causing them to bottle up their anger and frustrations...scarring them more than simply receiving a black eye and getting detention. This cycle continues...people get teased, and they are told to suck it up and deal.

Eventually, when kids get to high school, they attain a sense of entitlement. Respect and independence becomes their main goal in life. If someone is told to bottle everything up...and all of a sudden they start to revolt against authority (which has been telling them not to retaliate)...does it not make sense that they would blow up and act out extreme violence in response to a seemingly small event?

Ever played "Don't Spill the Beans"? Well, each instance that a kid is told to hold back their urge to retaliate is like adding another bean...eventually something can go wrong and all of the pent up anger can come out with astonishing force.

My point is that kids need to learn WHY violence is not how we should deal with conflict...this could possibly require experiencing the consequences of acting out in violence. So what do you think? Are anti-bullying campaigns helpful...or are they hurting the cause?

Think back to when they started (Georgia PASSED A LAW in 1999, which means anti-bullying campaigns must have started within 5-10 years prior...and may have been going on in other states at the time)...then think about that else happened in 1999, that's right, Columbine. The first MAJOR school shooting carried out by a student in US history. Earlier in the 1990's, 1997 to be exact, in Pearl, Mississippi the FIRST of what I would consider to be an attempt at a massive shooting was carried about by a 16 year old boy. Yes, there are countless instances prior to the 1990's...but none of them include a STUDENT wielding a weapon and successfully killing or injuring more than 2 or 3 people. Anything more than that was carried out by a parent, teacher, mentally unstable citizen, or faculty member.

What I am trying to say is that if you were to look at lists of school shootings in American history, there are less than one to four a year prior to the 1990's...nowadays, there are at least three a year, and in 2006 there were seven. Recently, in 2012, there were 14 shootings at schools in the United States. It seems that the more effort that is put into combating bullying...the more extreme acts of violence you see in schools...especially high schools.

It would be interesting to see whether the number of bomb threats received by schools has also increased with the crack down on bullying.